Let’s go tasty!

Where does your Schogetten journey take you to? Towards fresh & fruity, sweet & salty or nuts & crispy? You just pick a destination, and our Limited Edition Schogetten “LET’S GO” gets you there. The three flavors Tutti Frutti, Sweet’N’Salty, and Nuts in Dark are up for some delicious fun. So grab your favorite pieces in white, alpine milk, or dark chocolate, and off you go!

Try it now – available for a limited time only!

„LET’S GO“ Tutti Frutti

Energy 2145 kJ / 513 kcal
Fat 29 g
    of which saturates 16 g
Carbohydrate 57 g
    of which sugars 54 g
Fibres 0,6 g
Protein 5,7 g
Salt 0,26 g

„LET’S GO“ Sweet’N’Salty

Energy 2372 kJ / 569 kcal
Fat 37 g
    of which saturates 21 g
Carbohydrate 52 g
    of which sugars 50 g
Fibres 1,7 g
Protein 6,1 g
Salt 0,81 g

„LET’S GO“ Nuts in Dark

Energy 2325 kJ / 559 kcal
Fat 38 g
    of which saturates 20 g
Carbohydrate 43 g
    of which sugars 41 g
Fibres 9,2 g
Protein 6,7 g
Salt <0,01 g