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Say it with Schogetten!

It’s the little messages that keep friendships alive – and what better way than with Schogetten!
With our free DIY gift-slipcase you can easily turn your Schogetten pack into a sweet little present.
Simply choose your desired theme, slide it over the pack, and make a loved one’s day!
Available now as a download here!

Design 1 download
Schogetten Slipcase: Favorite
Design 2 download
Schogetten Slipcase: Luck
Design 3 download
Schogetten Slipcase: Thank you

That’s how it’s done:

1. Download your favourite design here
2. Print it out on firm paper (approx. 200 gsm)
3. Cut the gift-slipcase to size, fold it and glue it – and you’re done!

A joy shared is a joy doubled!
Share it with us and your loved ones: #sayitwithschogetten