Schogetten from 1962 to the present day.

All Germany sweats. At temperatures that scrape at the 40 ° C mark, the Germans enjoy the record-breaking Kaiser weather. And the delicious variety of the year “yoghurt-blueberry-muesli” – in the heat of course iced.

On February 6th Queen Elizabeth II marks 65 years on the British throne and thereby becomes the world’s longest reigning monarch. Our Schogetten offer even more variety with the new taste flavour of the year: lightly salted “Roasted Corn”.

Every four years we have a leap year – and 2016 is another one. For us, the additional day is a reason to celebrate. After all it means we have even more time to enjoy our flavour of the year “Vanilla-Wafer”.

On March 20th people all over the globe are fascinated by a partial solar eclipse. Another and more delicious way to experience the impressive contrast between light and dark is to try our new flavour “Black & White”

The German national football team proves what the best players can achieve as a team: they are the world champions! Our new flavour of the year – Schogetten à la Almond Cream Cake – is also world class.

The eyes of the world’s citizens are fixed on the Vatican, and following the swift ‘Habemus papam’, people rejoice at the election of the new, charismatic pope. For Schogetten, too, the year heralds exciting new beginnings: with a new design and new recipe, the brand inspires chocolate connoisseurs and proves more irresistible than ever.

The Olympic Games are held for the 30th time. Schogetten celebrates an anniversary, too: 50 years of single portioned chocolate. One of the birthday highlights is the Almond Brittle anniversary variety.

USA: Barack Obama becomes the 44th president and takes the place of George W. Bush in the White House. Meanwhile, Marzipan enjoys an overall success and joins the other ten flavours to storm the nation’s supermarkets in a new and attractive design.

The year of no borders: on 07.07.07, over one million people worldwide gather together at Live Earth concerts to celebrate the globe’s largest music event in history. Schogetten also conquers the world, and is now available in a total of 63 countries. The popularity of the chocolate piece continues: a new TV campaign kick-starts a nationwide Schogetten hype!

Schogetten steps into a new century. The entire world is overcome by millennium fever. New Year’s Eve has never been so eagerly awaited, or so fervently celebrated!

When it comes to sweetening success, Schogetten is always in the thick of it. Both at the 26th Olympic Games in Atlanta and as Germany raises the cup at the European Football Championships. It’s all about savouring the taste!

Open to all: the divide between East and West begins to thaw. A 19-year-old German lands his plane in Red Square in Moscow. The Iron Curtain starts to twitch, and after 25 years, Schogetten, the ‘star of the chocolate sky’, shines brighter than ever before.

Europe strengthens its ties: Germany, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands collaborate to build the first airbus. In another field, Germany assumes pole position and wins the FIFA world cup at home. There’s only one thing that tastes sweeter than this success: Schogetten.

What a year! For the first time transatlantic images flicker in living rooms via satellite. At the same time, Schogetten is born.