No matter the occasion or flavour, Schogetten will fulfil your every wish – piece by piece! And with a tempting variety of 100 g packs and small snack packs – from our delicious classics and exclusive Gold Flavors to unique Limited Editions to the trendy Taste of the Year. And – typically Schogetten, always in practical bite-size pieces.

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Whether it be nutty or fruity, crunchy or creamy, white, dark or milk chocolate, our popular classics cater to every taste!

Schogetten Originals: alpine chocolate
Schogetten Originals: alpine hazelnut
Schogetten Originals: Strawberry
Schogetten Originals: caramel brownie
Schogetten Originals: black & white
Schogetten Originals: for kids
Schogetten Originals: Praline Noisette
Schogetten Originals: Praline Noisette
Schogetten Originals: Trilogie Strawberry
Schogetten Originals: White Chocolate
Schogetten Originals: dark chocolate

Schogetten Selection Gold

Special pieces of chocolate for special moments of pleasure! Schogetten Selection Gold – the new collection from Schogetten is an exclusive selection of something quite special! Containing the finest ingredients, the five new varieties create an extraordinary taste experience and provide twice the pleasure thanks to the ingredients in the filling and in the chocolate shell!


Our Schogetten Limited Edition ‘Time for …’ selection comes in three delectable varieties for a delicious flavour composition that will help you to forget the daily stress for a while.


Our Schogetten Specials in Nougat Caramel Hazelnut, Salted Pretzel Peanut Butter and Choco Cookies Vanilla flavours – extra large pieces, bursting with filling, individually flow-packed and mega yummy. Apart from offering a totally unique taste sensation, we’re also doing our bit to protect the climate and environment, because our Schogetten Specials are produced in a climate-neutral manner*.

* through COoffset

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It‘s Schogetten‘s birthday!

We will celebrate it with a 3-layer piece of chocolate: white chocolate with colored sprinkles, gianduja chocolate nougat and dark chocolate.