Schogetten—Packaging and Recyclability

Schogetten packaging has to meet many requirements, and that calls for careful thought at every stage. The packaging has to protect the Schogetten from light and air so that its delicious taste is not compromised or impaired when the product is stored. The Schogetten must also be protected during transportation from the factory to the supermarket and from the supermarket to your home. In addition, the packaging should not pollute the environment: packaging waste must be reduced as much as possible, and what remains should be recyclable so that no plastic waste ends up in the sea, for example. We are proud that our Schogetten packaging is fit for purpose, keeps the chocolate fresh for as long as possible, and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Already achieved: 86%–95% recyclable packaging (classic Schogetten)

Ever since the first 100 g pack of Schogetten was produced in 1962, our packaging has been made of cardboard and aluminum foil. Today, it is easy to recycle both materials, which is why we state that the packaging of classic Schogetten is 86%–95% recyclable. This has been independently verified by cyclos-HTP, the institute for recyclability. (Our certificate applies to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK, and can be viewed here.)

Our goal

In the long term, we want to make the packaging for our Schogetten even more sustainable, and this is something we are already working on. For example, we are currently looking into replacing plastic packaging with paper packaging. This is not an easy task as the paper must possess a number of properties, such as flexibility and resistance to both tearing and moisture. We hope to make progress here soon.